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The Green Cocoa Lab is a vibrant and innovative dessert restaurant specialising in decadent chocolate treats and speciality, ethically-sourced coffees.
With a mouthwatering menu and warm, welcoming staff, we promise an experience you won’t forget.

Better still, at Green Cocoa Lab you can indulge guilt-free: all our ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure quality and sustainability, we use no plastic in our service, and we’re a zero food waste operation.

Luxury on a plate

Our desserts break conventions and to do this we are constantly refining our craft. From the ingredients we select to the tools we use, everything is meticulously planned and sourced for the finest results.

To produce desserts that are unique, flavoursome and delectable, we work with high quality, artisanal ingredients - from the highest quality chocolate for our Cocoa Dome, to handmade marshmallow fluff for smoked marshmallow hot chocolate - and every dessert is expertly created by our very own professional chefs.

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Speciality Coffee

Our exceptional coffees are perfectly roasted by experts with three decades of experience.

Sourcing coffee with the right qualities is an essential part of who we are. Our relationships help us source coffee we are proud of: coffee that is ethical, traceable, and tastes remarkable.

Every cup of coffee is made with a focus on consistency and possesses an iconic flavour that is instantly recognisable.

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We believe in good

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do whilst keeping the exquisite taste and quality intact. We are building an ecosystem of partners who also take care of the environment and the society they serve.

We do not use plastic in the service we render and minimise the use of paper in our operations.

We follow a zero food waste philosophy. We compost any food waste which ensures that it is managed in an environmentally-friendly way. However, we don’t believe there will be any waste, as even some of our plates and cutlery are edible, and coffee grounds are turned into cups and logs.

Who says you can’t have All Taste and Zero Waste?

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